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Flyingfish Soup with Gnetum Leaves (Canh Cá Chuồn Rau Ranh)

This rustic soup is originated from Quảng Nam, a coastal province in central Vietnam. The soup…

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Gnetum Soup with Creek Snails (Canh Rau Ranh Ốc Đá)

This rustic soup is originated from some central Vietnamese provinces like Quảng Trị or Quảng Nam.…

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Dry-roasted Crab Claws with Salt (Càng Cua Rang Muối)

Dry-roasted crabs or crab claws is a finger food, and traditionally, after the crabs have been…

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Lettuce Rolls (Cuốn Diếp)

Lettuce rolls or Huế Rolls is one of the typical dishes in the royal cuisine of…

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Moonfish Sour Soup with Tamarind (Canh Me Cá Lưỡi Búa)

The moonfish, Mene maculata, is the only extant member of the genus Mene and of the…

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Climbing Perch Noodle Soup (Canh Cá Quỳnh Côi)

This fish noodle soup is originated from Quỳnh Côi, a town in Thái Bình province in…

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