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Rice Balls with Sesame Salt (Cơm Nắm Muối Vừng)

This Vietnamese dish used to be a rustic food during hard times, and quite popular in…

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Prawn Strips Noodle Soup (Bún Suông)

This Vietnamese noodle soup dish is called “bún suông” and it is originated from Trà Vinh…

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Gac Translucent Dumplings (Bánh Xu Xê Gấc)

Bánh xu xê or bánh phu thê literally means “husband and wife cake” is a Vietnamese…

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Gac Dumplings (Bánh Gấc)

The gac dumpling is a Vietnamese dumpling in which the dough is made of (glutinous) rice…

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Ramie Leaf Dumpling with Mungbean Filling (Bánh Gai)

This Vietnamese style dumpling is very special. The dough is made with (glutinous) rice flour mixed…

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Avocado Coffee (Sinh Tố Bơ Cà Phê)

Avocado coffee is normally called sinh tố bơ cà phê in Vietnamese which literally means “coffee…

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