Malva nut drink

Malva Nut | Product of Vietnam

Malva nuts are the nuts of two Malvaceae species: Scaphium macropodum and S. affine. In Vietnam, S. macropodum and S. affine are collectively known as ươi, lười ươi, ươi bay or sometimes đười ươi. The malava nut is very special. When soaked in water, its flesh swells to eight times its original volume , forming

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Camellia oleifera - tea oil camellia

Tea seed oil / Camellia oil | Product of Vietnam

Tea seed oil or camellia oil is an edible vegetable oil which is obtained from the seeds of Camellia oleifera. Camellia oleifera, also known as tea oil camellia, is a small tree, about 5-7m high with evergreen leaves native to southern Chyna and northern Vietnam. A close relative named C. sasanqua is also used to

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Oyster floss

Oyster Floss | Product of Vietnam

Oyster floss is a type of food made from the meat of Pacific oysters (Magallana gigas) along with shrimp, pork, fish sauce, sugar and salt, which becomes a product with high nutritional value. This is a specialty product of Vân Đồn district of northern Vietnam’s Quảng Ninh province. It is also a meaningful gift that

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BBQ Lamb Ribs

Ninh Thuận Lamb | Product of Vietnam

Sheep are domestic animals that are not native to Vietnam. Over one hundred years ago, sheep were brought to Ninh Thuận from India, Pakistan and Africa. According to the local people, they were brought here by Indian missionaries. However, some sources say sheep in Ninh Thuận were brought to the parishioners by French missionaries. Gradually,

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La Hien sweetsops

La Hiên Sugar-apple | Product of Vietnam

The sugar-apple or sweet-sop is the fruit of Annona squamosa which the most common species of Annona. In Vietnam, the sugar-apple is known as na (Northern dialiect) or mãng cầu (Southern dialect). Like other tropical fruits, the sugar-apple tree is widely cultivated in southern Vietnam, but it is also grown in some areas in northern

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