Dischidia major

Dischidia major – The crow’s beak vine

Dischidia major is a is a species of parasitic vine in the family Apocynaceae native to tropical Asia. Dischidia are epiphytes native to tropical areas of China, India and most areas of Indo-China. Dischidia major has modified leaves, offering accommodation to ants. Its fruits are often used to make crow’s beak wine.

Dischidia major
Dischidia major
  • Family: Apocynaceae
  • Genus: Dischidia
  • Species: Dischidia major
  • Synonyms: Collyris major Vahl, Dischidia rafflesiana Wal
  • English names: rattle skulls, Malayan urn vine, crow’s beak vine
  • Vietnamese names: dây mỏ quạ (crow’s beak vine), dây tổ kiến (ant colony vine)
Dischidia major leaves, flowers and fruits
Dischidia major leaves, flowers and fruits

Culinary uses

Apart from the medicinal wine made from the rattle skulls, in rent years, some parts of Dischidia major vines are used as vegetables. Its fruits can be stuffed with minced meat and some other ingredients and then get slow-cooked or steamed. Both flowers and fruits can used in stir fry dishes or in soups.

Stuffed rattle skulls - Dischidia major
Stuffed rattle skulls, similar to stuffed bitter gourds
Stir-fried rattle skulls with shrimps
Stir-fried rattle skulls with shrimps
pork ribs soup with rattle skulls and flowers
Pork ribs soup with flowers and fruits of rattle skulls

The flowers of Dischidia major vine can also serves as a hot pot vegetable.

Crab hotpot ingredients

Crab hotpot ingredients including Dischidia major flowers

Rattle skulls flowers salad
Rattle skulls flowers salad with heart-of-palm and giant river prawn
Dischidia major wine - rattle skulls, Malayan urn vine
Mỏ quạ wine (rattle skulls wine) in Phú Quốc Island

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