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Sheep are domestic animals that are not native to Vietnam. Over one hundred years ago, sheep were brought to Ninh Thuận from India, Pakistan and Africa. According to the local people, they were brought here by Indian missionaries. However, some sources say sheep in Ninh Thuận were brought to the parishioners by French missionaries.

Ninh Thuan sheep
Ninh Thuận sheep

Gradually, the sheep adapted to the hot climate of the region and now they have become a domestic animal and a specialty of the province.

Ninh Thuận is a province on the coastal strip of the southern central Vietnam. The province is nicknamed as “the land full of sunshine and wind” due to the harsh weather conditions and the hottest and driest climate in the country.

Sheep Husbandry

Sheep adapted to the hot and dry conditions, and Ninh Thuận is now the largest sheep raising area of Vietnam. Sheep husbandry has tied up closely with the Cham people in Ninh Thuận for generations.

Phan Rang sheep breed is a breed of sheep that was formed over 100 years ago. Through natural and artificial selection, the Phan Rang sheep breed has highly adapted to the ecological conditions of Ninh Thuận, being the only sheep breed in Vietnam. The average age of adulthood is 39kg for ewes and 43kg for rams. The birth interval is 8 months (3 litters in 2 years). The local sheep breed has been selected for many decades by the locals. Initially, sheep were raised to worship and sacrifice in traditional festivals of Cham people. They have gradually kept as livestock to make a living.

Sheep meadow in Ninh Thuan
Sheep meadow in Ninh Thuận

Hybrid sheep is a cross between local sheep breed and those imported from Australia, including 2 breeds, Dorper and White Suffolk.

Sheep are raised in areas where grass and plants grown under semi-arid conditions as well as in natural grazing meadows and hills. The characteristics of the climate help the sheep wool being always dry and less susceptible to infectious diseases. The suitable weather enables to produce Ninh Thuận lamb and mutton a special taste and good quality.

Sheep ranch in Ninh Thuan
A sheep ranch in Ninh Thuận

Today, in addition to raising sheep for meat, sheep farms become tourist attractions that interest visitors to Ninh Thuận. There are also sheep ranches in other provinces where sheep are raised for ecotourism.

Products and Geographic Indentification

Lamb and mutton bearing the Ninh Thuận GI benefit from consistent GI labelling and packaging including: (i) the logo
of Ninh Thuận lamb, (ii) a mark containing the designation of “Geographical Indication – Ninh Thuận lamb”. These
distinguishing signs must be the prominent component of the product label and clearly displayed in size bigger than other

BBQ Lamb Ribs
BBQ Lamb Ribs

The geographical area corresponding to the GI of Ninh Thuận lamb and mutton includes: districts of Bac Ai (1 commune), Thuận Nam (3 communes), Ninh Phuoc (4 communes), Ninh Son (2 communes) and Ninh Hai (2 communes), Ninh Thuận province.

Ninh Thuan Lamb with Grape
Lamb Stewed with Grapes, another specialty product in Ninh Thuận

Ninh Thuận sheep meat includes: fresh or frozen lamb and mutton from local and hybrid sheep. The meat products include the whole carcass with head, legs, and viscera; smaller pieces and lamb chops. Ninh Thuận sheep meat products have dark red colour, soft meat, sweetness, a specific taste and without irregular odor. Lamb and mutton have high nutritional content and low fat content. The local sheep have a protein content of 20% and a fat content of 3%. The hybrid sheep have a protein
content of about 20,5% and a fat content of about 2.8%.



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