Probarbus jullieni - the Jullien's golden carp

Probarbus jullieni – the Jullien’s golden carp

Probarbus jullieni, the Jullien’s golden carp, is one of the three barb species of the genus Probarbus in the family Cyprinidae native to Southeast Asia. The other Probarbus species are Probarbus labeamajor T. R. Roberts, 1992 (Thicklip barb)
Probarbus labeaminor (Thinlip barb).

Probarbus jullieni - the Jullien's golden carp
Three Jullien’s golden carps caught in Hà Tĩnh province – each weights about 40 kgs.

In English, P. jullieni is commonly known as Jullien’s golden carp or seven-striped barb. P. jullieni is a big carp species, and its maximum total length is approximately 165 cm and its maximum weight is approximately 70 kg. P. jullieni has about 6-7 black stripes on its body.

  • Family: Cyprinidae
  • Genus: Probarbus
  • Species: Probarbus jullieni
  • English names: Jullien’s golden carp, seven-striped bard
  • Vietnamese name: cá trà sóc, cá sọc dưa, cá chài sóc
The Jullien's golden carp - Probarbus jullieni
The Jullien’s golden carp – Probarbus jullieni – in a restaurant in Buôn Ma Thuột city

In Vietnam, the Jullien’s barb is a rare and precious fish that occurs a lot in the headwaters of the Tiền River and Vàm Nao confluence (An Giang province). Its meat is delicious, of high economic value, but has been almost extinced in the wild. Iin Vietnamese, it’s called cá trà sóc.

Red List

The Jullien’s golden carp is a rare and endangered species in the lower Mekong River and in need of protection. It is listed in the Vietnam’s Red List or Vietnam’s Red Book (in 1992 and 2000) and the IUCN Red List in 1994.


The Vetnam’s National Breeding Center for Southern Marine Aquaculture (located in Cái Bè district, Tiền Giang Province) succeeded in artificial Fertilization of the Jullien’s golden carp in 2014. And the fish is farmed commercially in recent years.

Culinary uses

The Jullien’s golden carp is highly-prized bu the Vietnamese, and its meat can be sold at very high prices. Common cooking methods are just like carps: steaming, grilling, and cooking in a hotpot.

Probarbus jullieni - Steamed Jullien's golden carp with soy sauce
Steamed Jullien’s golden carp with soy sauce
Grilled Jullien's golden carp - Probarbus jullieni
Grilled Jullien’s golden carp
Grilled Jullien's golden carp with salt and chili
Grilled Jullien’s golden carp with salt and chili
Fried Jullien's golden carp
Fried Jullien’s golden carp


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