Avocado Coffee (Sinh Tố Bơ Cà Phê)

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Avocado coffee is normally called sinh tố bơ cà phê in Vietnamese which literally means “coffee avocado smoothie”. Avocado is a common dessert in Vietnam which is made with blended avocado pulp, sweetened condensed milk and shaved ice.

In this avocado coffee, or coffee avocado smoothie, coffee flavor can be added by three ways:

  • Black plain filtered coffee: It’s a traditional way of making coffee in Vietnam.
  • One shot of espresso: by using a coffee machine. This method is more common in coffee shops where they need to serve many guests at a time.
  • Mixing instant coffee with hot water: It’s a home cook choice.

It is also noted that in Vietnam, the common coffee type in coffee shops is Robusta coffee beans, so it’s stronger than Arabica coffee.



Step by step method

  • Prepping the avocado

    Rinse the avocado, slice into small pieces so that they can be blended easily

  • Making filtered coffee

    Add coffee ground into a coffee filter and pour 60 ml hot water slowly in circular moves. Stop when 1/5 of the water has been poured, and resumed after 30-60 seconds. Wait for the distilled coffee water.

  • Making espresso using a coffee machine

    Alternately, add to coffee ground into the portafilter (handle) of a coffee machine. Assemble the handle into the coffee machine. Turn on. And wait for 40 – 45 seconds for one shot of espresso.

  • Blending and serving

    Put coffee water, avocado pieces, condensed milk, vanilla and ice into a blender. Blend at high speed until the mixture is blended. Finally, you can garnish with chocolate syrup along the rim of the glass before pouring the avocado coffee mixture into the cup.

Tips & variations

  • Add bananas to make banana coffee avocado smoothie.

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