Chicken Salad with Water Chestnut Stalks (Gỏi Gà Đọt Năng)

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Năng, năn, năng bộp, or mã thầy are some Vietnamese names for the water chestnut plant (Eleocharis dulcis). The water chestnuts are a popular ingredient in some Asian cuisines. Besides, its young shoots are also found in Vietnamese cuisines. Once, water chestnut was considered as a wild grass, however nowadays water chestnut shoots (Vietnames: đọt năng) become a delicacy vegetable in restaurants. To be used as a vegetable, the Vietnamese remove the woody outer portion of water chestnut stalks to get the most tender part of the stalks, just like when you prepare lemongrass stalks.

Chicken salad with water chestnut stalks (Vietnamese: gỏi gà đọt năng) is a popular salad dish in Sóc Trăng province in South Vietnam, and some nearby provinces where the plants are widely cultivated.

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