Flyingfish Soup with Gnetum Leaves (Canh Cá Chuồn Rau Ranh)

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This rustic soup is originated from Quảng Nam, a coastal province in central Vietnam. The soup consists of two main ingredients: flyingfish and the leaves of Gnetum gnemon.


There are many types of flyingfish species in coastal Vietnam. Several ommon flying fish species are the yellow winged flyingfish (Cypselurus poecilopterus, Vietnamese: cá chuồn gành), margined flyingfish (Cheilopogon cyanopterus), manyspotted flyingfish (Cheilopogon spilopterus)…

Gnetum gnemon

Gnetum gnemon, gnetum, or woody gnetum, is a tree in the genus Gnetum (unlike most other Gnetum species, which are lianas). Its leaves have some umamai taste and are used as vegetables in mountainous areas and highlands in central Vietnam. Its official Vietnamese name is gắm, but is better known by its local vernacular names like rau ranh, rau bép, lá bép or lá nhíp.


Step by step method

  • Preparign the flyingfish

    Scale the flyingfish, rinse and slice crosswise into 3 pieces. Marinate the fish with fish sauce, some salt, chive bulbs, chili, and green peppercorns.

  • Cooking the soup

    In a pot, sautee some minced garlic, then add the marinated flyingfish. Stir very gently until the fish are semi-cooked. Add enough water. Bring the pot to a boil and add the gnetum leaves and broken rice. Re-season to taste.

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