Goat Pho (Phở Dê)

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Recently, goat phở served in a stone bowl in several Vietnamese restaurants in Vietnam draws some attraction from the foodie/glutton crowd. Of course, it’s not until 2021 did the Vietnamese try some different version of phở like this goat phở. But the challenge for such gamey meat is the smell. Goat meat is very gamey, but probably modern chefs find some better way to dispel the odor. Let’s have a look at a generic goat pho recipe.ed coriander leaves. Pour the hot broth onto the bowl. Serve with a dish of herbs, lime wedges, and poached bean sprouts.

Goat Pho
Goat Pho


Step by step method

  • Preparing the ingredients

    If you cook a whole goat as in a restaurant, stuff the goat belly with aromatic leaves: guava leaves, sugar-apple leaves, Indian Clausena (Clausena indica) leaves, lemongrass leaves... Sew it up and roast the goat skin. This way, the aroma of the herbs will mask the gamey odor of the goat meat. If you simply cook with goat bones, simple rinse them. Debone the goat. If goat bones are not enough, use extra pork or beef bones. Rinse all the bones then poach the bones in hot water for 5 mins to remove the dirts and distinctive goat smells. Roast onions, Asian shallots, ginger and sugarcane chunks over hot charcoal. Dust off or scalp off the burned parts, then rinse. Slice the onions and shallots into wedges. Scalp off the skin of the ginger rhizomes. Chop the sugarcane into 4 sticks lengthwise. Shear all the serving herbs into chiffonades. Pan-roast star anise, cinnamon, tsaoko cardamons, then put into a herb bag, zip it tight. Rinse the goat meat with ginger water, then slice into serving-sized pieces.

  • Cooking the broth

    In a Vietnamese restaurant, the broth is cooked in a big pho broth cooker. Place all the bones into a bone basket and position it in the cooker. Pour water into the cooker until the bones are fully submerged. Bring the broth to a boil over highest heat, then reduce to simmer mode. Simmer the bones for about 2-3 hours. During the simmering phase, constantly skim off the foam or scum to make the broth clean and clear. After 2-3 hours, drop the onion, sugarcane, ginger, and the herb bag (the one with tsaoko cardamon, and star anise) into the cooker and cook for about 1 more hour. After 1 hour, season the broth to your liking.

  • Serving

    Blanch pho noodle for 30 seconds in hot water, and then drain it. (Probably poaching is a more correct term.) Blanch the sliced goat meat until it's rare, medium rare. If you're afraid of G. Ramsay, cook the goat meat in the broth cooker for 20 mins. In a big serving bowl, add pho noodle, goat meat, split spring onions, and optionally sheared coriander leaves. Pour the hot broth onto the bowl. Serve with a dish of herbs, lime wedges, and poached bean sprouts.

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