Lucuma Smoothie (Sinh tố Lêkima)

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The lucuma (Vietnamese: lêkima) is originated from the Andean valleys in South America but the lucuma tree has been cultivated in Vietnam very long time ago, probably during the French colonization period.

Lucuma eggfruits sold on a street in Vietnam
Lucuma eggfruits sold on a street in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the lucuma tree used to be planted in a home garden, rather than in commercial orchards because it is less appetizing to the Vietnamese than other tropical fruits. Often, ripe fruits fall to the ground and people don’t even bother to gather to consume. But in recent years, the lucuma gets a little more attention as people are seeking more diversified fruit choices.

For this lucuma smoothie, it’s essential that the fruit must be fully ripe, or its taste could be too acrid.


Step by step method

  • Step 1

    Rinse and peel the lucuma. Slice into cubes or dices In a blender cup, add lucuma dices, fresh milk, yoghurt, and shaved ice (and some sugar if you want the smoothie sweeter). Puree the mixture. Save some lucuma dices for garnishing.

  • Step 2

    In a serving glass, pour the lucuma smoothie, add some lucuma dices on top.

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