Mỹ Tho Style Hủ Tiếu Noodle With Pork, Liver and Seafood (Hủ tiếu Mỹ Tho)

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Hủ tiếu Mỹ Tho is a noodle dish in Mỹ Tho, a Southern city in Vietnam, which is made from a local hủ tiếu or hủ tíu noodle and seafood along with some other ingredients. (Hủ tiếu noodle has its origin from Teochew people. However, the hủ tiếu noodle in Mỹ Tho, which is made from a local fluffy fragrant rice, is different in that it is more chewy and more savory in taste.)

The broth of Hủ tiếu Mỹ Tho dish is cooked with pig bone marrows, some restaurants also add sun-dried prawns, grilled cuttlefish to increase the umami flavor. A typical Hủ tiếu Mỹ Tho dish is served with pork slices, liver slices, prawns, cuttlefish (or squids, octopuses), pickled daikon, bean sprouts and the clear broth. Some modern restaurants also add quail eggs and celery.


Step by step method

  • Cooking the broth

    Poach the bone marrows in a pot with ginger slices and drain to remove gamey odor. In a large pot, add the poached bone marrows, salted daikin radish, and fresh daikon radish slices. Cook until the daikon radish is soft, remove the scums to make a clear broth.

  • Preparing the liver

    After soaking the liver in milk, rinse and let it dry. Cook the liver in a pot of water with crushed ginger chunks and spring onion leaves. Once cooked, do an ice bath and then slice thinly.

  • Stir-frying the minced pork

    Sauté the Asian shallot slices in a frying pan, then add the minced pork with some salt and seasonings. Once the meat shrinks in size, pour in a separate bowl for later use.

  • Preparing seafood and lean pork slices

    Cook cuttlefish (or squids) and prawns in a pot with crushed ginger and spring onion slices. Once cooked, deshell and devein the prawns. cut the cuttlefish in bite-sized pieces. Cook lean pork meat, do an ice bath, and then slice thinly.

  • Assembling the noodle bowl

    Once the broth is ready, season the broth with granule seasoning, sugar, salt, oyster sauce, sesame oil, and fried shallots to suit your taste buds. Blanch a "hủ tiếu" noodle coil in hot water to soften it. In a serving bowl, place raw been sprouts at the bottom, then add the noodle on top. Next, add liver slices, lean pork slices, prawns, cuttlefish, cooked quail eggs, stir-fried mined pork, and garlic chives. Pour the hot broth and enjoy.

Tips & variations

  • "Hủ tiếu" noodle in Mỹ Tho is made from rice, not from tapioca.

  • Better to slow-cook the pork marrow bones on very low heat for 2½-3 hours.

  • Dried shrimps and roasted cuttlefish can be added when cooking the broth.

  • Trivial: Gordan Ramsay once brought hủ tiếu dish to a Masterchef US challenge (Season 4).

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