Pan-roasted Feeder Shrimps with Star Fruit (Tép Riu Rang Khế)

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Feeder shrimp or grass shrimp are generic names applied to some tiny freshwater shrimps. They live in freshwater ponds, ditches, or rice fields. Feeder shrimps are commonly sold as food for aquarium fish.

In Vietnam, the common feeder shrimp species is identified as Caridina flavilineata, which is called tép riu or tép rong in Vietnamese. It is also consumed as human food especially when one wants to change his/her everyday taste. In the past, it was a commoner food, but now in modern times, it ridiculously becomes rare with high prices, and hard to find.

Feeder shrimps taste a little different from peeled supermarket shrimps as they are quite small and cooked with shells. Vietnamese home cooks may use feeder shrimps in pan-roasting, making shrimp paste, making salads or dried shrimps. Among these dishes, pan-roasted feeder shrimps with star fruit is often prepared on hot summer days as people think it helps to cool down and is easier to eat with rice.


Step by step method

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    Peel off the ends of the star fruit and cut it into thin slices. Slice scallions.

  • 2

    Wash the shrimps, and get marinated with salt. Then roast the shrimps in a pan until they are dried

  • 3

    Fry the purple shallots until fragrant, add the shrimps and spices and stir for about two minutes. When shrimps shrink and become firmed, add fish sauce, star fruit, scallions, stir well and then turn off the stove.

  • 4

    Ladle the shrimp onto a plate and serve with hot rice.

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