Sautéed Goat Meat with Garlic (Dê Chao Dầu)

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To make this goat meat dish, goat meat are cut into cubes, and get marinated with various spices. Next, the meat cubes are pan-fried quickly (with a little more oil than in a French sauté dish). A frying spoon (spider) is often used to wok-toss during the process. In fact, this Vietnamese chao dầu cooking method somewhat is close to French meunière.

Common ingredients to pair with goat meat in this dish are whole garlic bulbs, Asian shallot bulbs, lemongrass stalks and local mắc mật leaves (Clausena indica). Sometimes, Vietnamese chefs cook with garlic bulbs only (usually single clove garlic) without lemongrass or shallot.

mac mat Clausena indica leaves
Mac mat leaves (Clausena indica) used as aromatic herbs in various Vietnamese roast dishes.

In Vietnam, goat meat can be cooked with skin on just like pork belly. The goat skin should be slightly roasted with rice straws or bagasse (sugarcane pulps) to increase the aroma. Another way is to use a blowtorch.

The dish is often garnished with roasted sesame seeds and served with a dipping sauce. In northern Vietnam, the dipping sauce is made from tương bần sauce, a fermented soy pasty sauce, with a few chilli slices. In southern Vietnam, the dipping sauce is made from crushed fermented bean curd (soy cheese) with a little chilli oil paste (Vietnamese sa tế paste).


Step by step method

  • Marinating

    In a bowl, add goat meat cubes and spices (all spice juices, five-spice powder, dill seeds, sugar, granule seasoning). You can adjust the spices to your taste buds but keep a few pungent spices. Marinate for 15 mins.

  • Sauteeing

    In a wok or a saute pan, heat a good amount of oil, and add goat meat cubes and solo garlic bulbs and saute them on high heat. Use a spider (frying spoon) to stir evenly as if you are stir-frying or wok-tossing until the meat cubes turn golden. Drain and set a side for later use. In a separate pan, or you can re-use the saute pan by pouring out the oil, melt some butter. Add mắc mật leaves to sauté and then add the goat meat cubes and garlic bulbs back. Stir quickly on high heat for a little bit and then turn off the heat.

  • Making dipping sauce

    In a small dipping bowl, mash soy cheese and add a teaspoon of chilli oil.

  • Serving

    In a serving plate, add the meat cubes, garlic cloves, and herbs. Sprinkle some roasted sesame seeds.

Tips & variations

  • Common garlic bulbs may work but they are not so nice in displaying.

  • Mắc mật leaves (Clausena indica) can be sold in dried form in Vietnam, but maybe not available outside Vietnam.

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