Spicy Stir-fried Nerites with Butter (Ốc Ngựa Xào Bơ Cay)

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The nerites are known as ốc đĩa (plate snail) in northern Vietnam and ốc ngựa vằn (zebra snail) or simply ốc ngựa in central and southern Vietnam. These are small sea snails whose shells are spirally ribbed, and are commonly found in the coastal area. Common species in Vietnam include: Nerita balteata, N. costata, N. albicilla, N. insculpta, N. ocellata, N. plicata, N. polita, N. squamulata, Neripteron violaceum, Neripteron violaceum.

Nerita balteata
Nerita balteata – black nerites

The nerites can be used in many ways: boiled with ginger and citrus leaves, steamed with lemongrass, stir-fried with lemongrass and chili, pan-roasted with salt or cooked with green banana and tofu.

Spicy butter nerites
Spicy butter nerites

This dish, spicy butter nerites, is cooked by first par-boiling them, then stir-frying them in a pan with chili powder, and butter or margarine.


Step by step method

  • Par-boiling

    In a pot, add the nerites and a little water. Cook the nerites for about 3 mins. Do not overcook or the flesh will be chewy.

  • Stir-frying

    In a saucepan, add some oil and sautee the minced garlic and chili powder. Adjust the amount of chili powder to your tolerance to hotness. Add the nerites and stir well. Add butter or margarine and stir well again. Season with granule seasoning, sugar. Turn off the heat when the sugar is dissolved.

  • Serving

    In a serving dish, pour the nerites garnished with some Vietnamese mint leaves (rau răm). Optionally, prepare a dipping condiment with salt, black pepper and lime juice.

Tips & variations

  • It's not necessary to boil the nerites with much water and don't boil for too long.

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