Vietnamese 151 Reasons Cocktail With Vodka

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This is probably an adaption of the original 151 Reasons Cocktail recipe which includes 151-proof rum, orange juice, 7-Up® soda, and lemonade. Or it could be adjusted version of self-promoted 7UP Ultra Uncola recipe.

In comparison with 151 Reasons cocktail, 151-proof rum is replaced with a local vodka made from rice. In fact, the rice vodka tastes quite similar to the Vietnamese rice wine. The local vodka brand is “Vodka Hà Nội” whose common ABV is 29.5%. Lemonade is also often replaced with lime juice due to the fact the lime is more popular than lemon here.

In restaurants, sometimes local drinkers help themselves with the cocktail and orange juice is often dropped because restaurants may not have oranges.


Step by step method

  • In a highball glass, fill ⅓ with ice cubes. Add vodka, soda, orange juice and lime juice. Use a spoon to stir. Garnish with a slice of orange or a twist of orange peel.

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