Small smallscale mud carp - Cirrhinus microlepis

Cirrhinus microlepis – The flying carp

Cirrhinus microlepis is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Cirrhinus (round-snouted fish). This carp is distributed in Laos, Thailand and the Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. In Vietnam, it lives in provincial floodplains during the flood season and in main rivers (Đồng Nai – Sài Gòn river system, Vàm Cỏ Đông – Vàm Cỏ Tây

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The redtail catfish - Phractocephalus hemioliopterus

Phractocephalus hemioliopterus – The Redtail Catfish

The redtail catfish, Phractocephalus hemioliopterus, is the only living representative of the genus Phractocephalus in the family Pimelodidae (long-whiskered catfishes). The redtail catfish is native to South America, but it is also farm-raised in Vietnam. In Vietnamese, it’s called cá hồng vỹ, or cá hồng vỹ mỏ vịt. Family: Pimelodidae Genus: Phractocephalus Species: Phractocephalus hemioliopterus

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fresh noodlefish


In Vietnamese, the word “cá ngần” is an umbrella term for several species in the family Salangidae. The two common species are Salanx cuvieri and Salanx chinensis, whose English name is “noodlefish”. In some places in Vietnam, noodlefish is also known as “cá nến” which litterally means candle fish due to the fact the the

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Grilled Onychostoma fish

Onychostoma fish

In Vietnam, cá mát is an umbrella term for several species of carp in the genus Onychostoma. In Vietnamese, the word “mát” means “cool”, however the etymology of the fish name is unknown. Other local Vietnamese names are cá niên, cá sỉnh, or srang. Some common cá mát species include: Onychostoma gerlachi, Onychostoma laticeps, Onychostoma

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