The fruits of Diospyros mollis

Diospyros mollis – Deworming medicine and natural black dye

Diospyros mollis, known as mặc nưa in Vietnamese, is a medium-sized tree of the genus Diospyros. In Vietnam, D. mollis is cultivated mainly in southern Vietnam, especially in Tân Châu (An Giang province). Family: Ebenaceae Genus: Diospyros Species: Diospyros mollis Vietnamese: mặc nưa Ebony Wood Like another Diospyros species in central Vietnam, Diospyros mun, D.

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Buddleja officinalis

Buddleja officinalis – Natural yellow food dye

Buddleja officinalis is a small deciduous early-spring flowering shrub of the family Scrophulariaceae (figwort). Its “official” Vietnamese name is “mật mông hoa“, however the plant is better known by some ethnic minorities in Vietnam who call it “phón” or “Bjoóc phón“. Its flowers are used as a natural yellow food dye. Family: Scrophulariaceae Genus: Buddleja

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