Cinnamomum cassia harvested by the Dao minority people

Văn Yên Cinnamon | Product of Vietnam

Cinnamomum cassia is one of two most cultivated Cinnamomum species in Vietnam for their aromatic bark, which is used as a spice. With an area of 45,000 hectares of cassia cinnamon trees in Văn Yên district, Yên Bái province becomes the “capital” of cinnamon goods of the whole country. Văn Yên district is located in

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Zanthoxylum rhetsa pepper

Zanthoxylum pepper or Prickly ash pepper

Zanthoxylum pepper or prickly ash pepper is a spice that is harvested from the seeds from several plants that belong to the global genus Zanthoxylum in the family Rutaceae. In China, Sichuan pepper is harvested from the seeds of Z. simulans, Z. bungeanum, or Z. armatum, collectivelly called Chinese prickly ash plants. In Japan, Sansho

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gioi seeds

Gioi pepper

Gioi pepper is a suggested English name for the Vietnamese spice made from the fruits of several Michelia plant of in the family Magnoliaceae. In Vietnam, there are 3 (out of 25) Michela species that can be harvested for their fruits as spice. Michelia tonkinensis (Vietnamese name: giổi or giổi ăn hạt, Synonyms: Michelia gioi,

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