Cinnamomum cassia harvested by the Dao minority people

Văn Yên Cinnamon | Product of Vietnam

Cinnamomum cassia is one of two most cultivated Cinnamomum species in Vietnam for their aromatic bark, which is used as a spice. With an area of 45,000 hectares of cassia cinnamon trees in Văn Yên district, Yên Bái province becomes the “capital” of cinnamon goods of the whole country.

Cinnamomum cassia harvested by the Dao minority people
Cinnamomum cassia bark harvested by the Dao minority people in Văn Yên district

Văn Yên district is located in the north of Yên Bái province, and its forestry land accounts for 75%. The district’s mountainous terrain and climate are suitable for the growth of the cinnamon trees, especially Cinnamomum cassia. And the cinnamon trees have been planted in the region main by the Dao minorities.

Cinnamomum cassia tree
Cinnamomum cassia tree

Cinnamon bark is highly-prized in Vietnam based on traditional medicine practice. It is one of the four treasures of oriental medicine which include gingseng, deer’s antlers, cinnamon bark and aconite. Nowadays, cinnamon bark and cinnamon powder are used not only as a medicinal herb but also as a cosmetic ingredient and an indispensable spice in many dishes.

Harvesting cinnamon bark
Harvesting cinnamon bark

Văn Yên cinnamon is one of several products with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) in Yên Bái province.


Văn Yên cinnamon trees are cultivated in 27 out of 27 communes in Văn Yên district. The last number of of cultivatioin area in 2021 is 45,000 hectares.

Cultivating cinnamon trees
Cultivating cinnamon trees

Four-year-old cinnamon trees are ready to get pruned. Pruned branches can be sold locally for firewood. Five-year-old ones are suitable to harvest barks. The older the tree, the higher the profit.


Previously, cinnamon trees were only grown for their bark, but now in Văn Yên, there is over 50 products processed from cinnamon trees.

Cinnamon essential oil extraction

Cinnamon leaves are extracted for essential oil in 38 production and distillation facilities in the region with an output of about 300 tons/year.

Cinnamon essential oil
A local product of cinnamon essential oil

Cinnamon bark products

Cinnamon barks are cut into different shapes like sticks, tubes, chips, sheets, foils…or ground into cinnamon powder. Cinnamon powder can be used to make cinnamon tea, spice or medicine. The bark output is about 6000 tons.

cinnamon bark
Cinnamon bark
cinnamon sticks and cinnamon wood chess boards
Cinnamon sticks and cinnamon wood chess boards

Cinnamon wood

The quantity of cinnamon timber is about 65,000 m3. Cinnamon timber can be processed into souvenir handicrafts such as toothpicks, plows, plates, bed lamps, kettles, cups…

Cinnamon wood souvenir products
Cinnamon wood souvenir products: clocks, urns, jars, stationery holders…
Cinnamon wood lamps
Cinnamon wood lamps


Domestic market: Bắc Giang province, Hà Nội.

Processed cinnamon bark
Processed cinnamon bark in Visimex company

Export market: Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Singapore, USA, UK, The Netherlands,…

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